Candle Care:

  • These sculptural candles make a stylish decor art piece - or to be lit.
  • Please keep your candles out of direct heat (strong sunlight by windowsills, or close to the heater etc.)
  • Always place a coaster or a dish underneath the candles. Due to its natural oils, soy wax may leave a residue on your counter.
  • When burning: All candles made are free-standing & contain a lot of soy wax. Please make sure to have a drip tray big enough to catch the melted wax!
  • Make sure to trim your wick regularly (to about 5mm) to ensure longer burn times.

Important information about our candles:

  • Due to our candles being handmade, they may differ ever so slightly from the pictures, this includes colour and dimensions.
  • Our candle are made from premium soy wax. 
  • Soy wax has a tendency to 'frost' where you may see small white marks on your candle. This is completely normal and is how you know you have a soy candle!
  • Please refer to our candle care guide to allow your candle to last longer and for safety.